The New Standards are here!

News 10/01/2024
The New Standards are here!

The IIA released the new Global Internal Audit StandardsTM on January 9, 2024, after a multiyear process through which the International Internal Audit Standards Board researched and gained input from stakeholders including providing a period of public comment on the draft. Through a collaborative effort of the internal audit community, the new Global Internal Audit Standards™ will elevate the profession and support practitioners in performing any audit, anywhere, according to the one-and-only IIA Standards.

The new Standards:

  • Elevate the profession.
  • Make what you need to know easily accessible.
  • Guide the profession into the future.
  • Are streamlined and simplified, with mandatory elements all in one place.
  • Emphasize the quality of internal audit performance.
  • Provide principles and requirements for delivering quality internal auditing.
  • Help internal auditors be better partners to the board and senior management.
  • Guide effective assurance and advisory services.
  • Include a special section for the public sector.

Learn more about the process:

More resources for you

  • To understand the structure of the new IPPF and Global Internal Audit Standards, learn about the primary changes and become familiar with the content in each section of the new Standards watch this webinar.
  • You can also learn about What the New Standards Mean to Quality Assessments on this complimentary webinar! Warren Hersh provides tips on how to implement the Standards successfully and practically in the most efficient and effective way. Watch it here.

Read the new Standards



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