Understanding the IT Environment and its core processes

Training In person 24/05/2024 4 CPE-points
Understanding the IT Environment and its core processes
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24 May 2024 - 09:00

24 May 2024 - 12:30

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4 CPE-points

This course is part of the IT Audit Bootcamp. Learn more information here.


This training is designed to equip internal auditors with a comprehensive understanding of the key components of an IT environment. Participants will delve into the basics of IT infrastructure, common applications, and services, with a specific focus on identifying main risks efficiently. The training aims to provide auditors with the knowledge and tools to engage in a 2-hour meeting with an IT manager, eliciting critical information and posing targeted questions to assess the robustness of the IT environment.


LEVEL: beginner/intermediate


Target Audience

This program is tailored for internal auditors seeking an overview of IT environments, including the fundamental components and associated risks. No prior IT knowledge is required, making this course suitable for those entering the field of IT auditing.


Course Objectives

  • Overview of IT environment:
    • Understand the basics of IT applications and services management.
    • Gain insights into the interconnected nature of IT components.
  • Main risks identification:
    • Develop the ability to identify main risks in an IT environment efficiently.
    • Understand the importance of risk awareness in the context of IT auditing.
  • Effective questioning techniques:
    • Learn techniques for crafting and posing targeted questions in a limited timeframe.
    • Enhance communication skills for efficient information extraction from IT managers.


Course Content

  • Introduction to IT environment:
    • Understanding of the IT environment and core processes
    • Introduction to CObIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) framework.
    • Understanding the role of CObIT in IT governance and audit processes.
  • Risks in IT environment:
    • Identification of main risks associated with IT environments.
    • Analysis of potential impacts and consequences of identified risks.
  • Key components of IT applications & data:
    • Exploration of fundamental IT applications elements.
    • Common applications and services.
  • Time-efficient meeting strategies:
    • Techniques for conducting efficient 2-hour meetings with IT managers.
    • Maximizing information extraction in a limited timeframe.
  • Practical questionnaire development:
    • Guidelines for crafting a questionnaire to challenge IT managers.
    • Designing questions to elicit critical information about the IT environment.



This course is designed for individuals with limited or no prior IT knowledge but participation in the IT audit introduction training is highly recommended. A willingness to engage actively in discussions, case studies, and practical exercises is essential for optimal learning.

Gauthier Brun
Gauthier Brun

Toyota Motor Europe – In charge of the IT internal audit for Europe

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