IT Audit Bootcamp

Training In person 26/04/2024 40 CPE-points Only 5 spots left!
IT Audit Bootcamp
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€2.750,00 (€3.327,50 incl. VAT)

€2.250,00 (€2.722,50 incl. VAT)


€3.250,00 (€3.932,50 incl. VAT)

€2.750,00 (€3.327,50 incl. VAT)
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26 April 2024 - 09:00

7 June 2024 - 17:00

IIA Belgium



40 CPE-points


The IIA Belgium's IT Audit Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program designed for non IT audit professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of IT audit principles and practices. This program is structured into 10 distinct modules, spanning across various training sessions in 2024. Each module focuses on a specific area of IT audit, ensuring a thorough and well-rounded educational experience.

How it works?

We recommend you to follow the complete IT Audit Bootcamp experience, which includes all the modules, ensuring you get a deep dive into the world of IT audit. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to register for individual modules that best fit your learning needs.

Please consider to attend the Introduction to IT audit: Understanding & Auditing Business Processes’ risks related to IT before registering for the IT Audit Bootcamp or any other individual module. This course is designed to provide foundational knowledge and context that will be essential for all subsequent modules within the IT Audit Bootcamp. Make sure to register separately for that course as it’s not included in the ITAB . Abstain if you have some basic knowledge of IT General Controls and you exceed the prerequisites of that course. 

Target Audience

The program is uniquely tailored for non-IT auditors or beginner/intermediate IT auditors. It assumes no prior IT audit experience, making it accessible to a broad range of professionals including auditors, who wish to gain IT audit competencies.

Location & Time

The introductory course will be delivered as a 2-day training. The rest of the modules will be delivered as half-day sessions, with one session scheduled in the morning and another in the afternoon. All modules will be conducted in person at our IIA Belgium offices. 


  • Register for the entire IT Audit Bootcamp for € 2.250 (you benefit of a total discount of -25%).
  • If you follow the trainings separately, fees vary according to the length of the training. Members always enjoy reduced prices. An early-bird discount is also applicable.

Download our brochure to find a detailed overview of the IT Audit Bootcamp and more information regarding the content, dates and trainers. 

IT Audit Bootcamp

If you have any questions or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to the IT Audit Bootcamp and supporting your professional growth. See you in class!

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