Fundamentals of IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software Essentials

Training In person 17/05/2024 4 CPE-points
Fundamentals of IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software Essentials
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17 May 2024 - 09:00

17 May 2024 - 12:30

IIA Belgium



4 CPE-points

This course is part of the IT Audit Bootcamp. Learn more  here.


This training program is designed for non-IT auditors seeking to enhance their foundational knowledge and practical skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The focus will be on essential components of IT infrastructure, distinguishing between hardware and software. Participants will gain insights into servers, workstations, peripherals, networks, operating systems, protocols, and applications.

LEVEL: beginner and intermediate

Target Audience

This program is tailored for non-IT auditors and other individuals involved in reviewing business processes supported by IT and automation.  It fits those who wish to develop a solid understanding of IT infrastructure components. No prior technical knowledge is required, making it accessible for participants with various backgrounds.

Course Objectives

  • Understand IT Infrastructure Components
    • Gain a comprehensive overview of hardware components such as servers, workstations, peripherals, and networks.
  • Differentiate Between Hardware and Software
    • Develop the ability to distinguish between hardware elements and software components in IT systems.
  • Explore Operating Systems
    • Understand the role and functions of operating systems in managing computer hardware and software resources.
  • Examine Network Protocols
    • Learn about essential network protocols and their significance in facilitating communication between devices.
  • Navigate the Application Landscape
    • Explore various types of applications and their role in supporting business processes.
  • Audit Relevance
    • Understand the implications of IT infrastructure components on audit processes and compliance considerations.

Course Content

  • Introduction to IT Infrastructure
    • Overview of IT components
    • Importance of IT infrastructure in organizational operations
  • Hardware Essentials
    • Servers and their roles
    • Workstations and peripherals
    • Networking basics
  • Software Fundamentals
    • Operating systems and their functions
    • Common applications and their uses
    • Introduction to protocols
  • Distinguishing Between Hardware and Software
    • Understanding the interplay between hardware and software components
  • Network Protocols and Communication
    • Overview of common network protocols
    • Importance of protocols in data transmission
  • Application Landscape
    • Types of applications (e.g., productivity, enterprise, communication)
    • Application lifecycle and updates


No specific prerequisites are required for this training program. Basic familiarity with general computer usage is beneficial but not mandatory. Participants should come with a willingness to learn and engage in hands-on activities to enhance their understanding of IT fundamentals.

Mark Dekeyser
Mark Dekeyser

Mark Dekeyser is an expert trainer and consultant related to IIA Belgium. He has a CISA certificate and is also member of ISACA. 
Between 2012 and 2021 he served as a member of the IIA Belgium Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee.
He teaches a variety of courses, among which Risk Based Auditing, Digital Transformation, Data Analysis and many more.
As a consultant he's involved in performing periodic Audit Quality Assessments for member organizations of IIA Belgium.

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