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Data, Databases, Encryption, Anonymization

Training In person 31/05/2024 4 CPE-points
Data, Databases, Encryption, Anonymization
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31 May 2024 - 09:00

31 May 2024 - 12:30

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4 CPE-points

This course is part of the IT Audit Bootcamp. Learn more information here.


This training is designed to equip business auditors with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in auditing and evaluating database systems, data access controls, data privacy regulations, and the risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access. Emphasis is placed on ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.


LEVEL: beginner/intermediate


Target Audience 

This program is tailored for non-IT auditors and other individuals involved in auditing business processes who seek a deeper understanding of data, data management and the associated security considerations. Prior basic knowledge of IT fundamentals is recommended.


Course Objectives

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Data Management:
    • Gain in-depth knowledge of data management, covering concepts from traditional databases to modern big data systems.
  • Auditing Database Systems:
    • Develop practical auditing skills specific to database systems, including assessing data structures, query performance, and overall system security.
  • Data Access Controls:
    • Learn about effective access control mechanisms for securing sensitive data, ensuring only authorized personnel can access and manipulate information.
  • Data Privacy Regulations:
    • Understand the landscape of data privacy regulations and compliance requirements, with a focus on how auditors can ensure organizations adhere to these standards.
  • Risks and Mitigation Strategies:
    • Identify and analyse risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access.
    • Develop strategies for mitigating and preventing potential data security threats.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Data Management:
    • Overview of data management concepts, from traditional relational databases to contemporary data solutions.
    • Understanding the evolution and importance of effective data management.
  • Risk Assessment and Management:
    • Techniques for identifying and assessing risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access.
    • Strategies for effective risk management and response.
  • Data Privacy Regulations:
    • Analysis of data privacy regulations such as GDPR.
    • Practical guidance on ensuring compliance and avoiding regulatory pitfalls.
  • Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) Triad:
    • Emphasis on ensuring the CIA triad—Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability—of sensitive information.
    • Strategies for balancing these key elements in a business context.
  • Auditing Database Systems:
    • Practical techniques for auditing database systems, including schema analysis, query optimization, and security assessments.
    • Case studies highlighting common issues and best practices in auditing database environments.
  • Data Access Controls:
    • Exploration of access control mechanisms for securing databases and sensitive information.
    • Implementation of role-based access controls and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Encryption and Anonymization:
    • Understanding the role of encryption and anonymization in securing sensitive data.
    • Implementation and best practices for encryption and anonymization techniques.
  • Real-world Scenarios and Case Studies:
    • Analysis of real-world data security incidents and breaches.
    • Learning from both successful security implementations and instances of security lapses.



Basic knowledge of IT fundamentals, including an understanding of IT general components, data awareness and security awareness, is recommended. A willingness to engage in discussions and hands-on activities to reinforce learning is essential.

Gauthier Brun
Gauthier Brun

Toyota Motor Europe – In charge of the IT internal audit for Europe

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