Risk in Focus 2025 Survey

News 05/03/2024
Risk in Focus 2025 Survey

Your views count – help us to develop and inform the future of internal audit. Our annual Risk in Focus survey is now open, and your contribution is vital. What are the most pressing risks to your organization today? And what do you see on the horizon?

The world continues to grapple with a cost-of-living crisis and geopolitical uncertainty continues, causing yet more unknown consequences. Internal auditors across Europe and the world are readjusting their priorities and plans. In such uncertain times, we need your help to understand what has changed for you and your business, and the biggest risks and challenges you see ahead. Collaborating and sharing our knowledge will give us power to mitigate the threats we all face.

The new Global Standards, effective from January 2025, now include a requirement for internal audit functions to have a defined strategic long-term plan. This survey analyses the views of CAEs from across Europe on the risk’s organizations are likely to be facing in that time frame, and therefore provides a solid benchmark to assist in this new requirement. 

The Risk in Focus project is now in its ninth year and continues to grow and develop our understanding of the most serious challenges faced by organizations across Europe. We are not alone: your feedback will be analyzed with findings from 17 institutes of internal audit across the continent. It will chart the changing risk landscape across borders and will reveal the emerging risks that CAEs believe should appear on internal audit’s radar in future. 

The findings will be published in our Risk in Focus 2025 report in September and will support internal audit functions as they shape their plans for the year ahead. 

Please note, that the survey is anonymous, takes less than 4 minutes and should be completed only by Chief Audit Executives / Heads of Internal Audit. 

Thank you for sharing your insights and for supporting us to provide thought leadership and guidance to the profession.

Make your views count by filling in the survey.

Risk in Focus 2025 Survey


*The text was provided by Anna Kiem | Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

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