Refreshed, red and ready: The Standards eBook is here!

Publication 11/03/2024
Refreshed, red and ready: The Standards eBook is here!

The wait is over! After years of research and development, the new Global Internal Audit Standards, The Red Book, 2024 Edition, is finally here, marking a significant milestone in the IPPF (International Professional Practices Framework) Evolution.

This comprehensive eBook provides internal auditors with everything they need to understand and adopt the new Standards, allowing them to effectively perform audits anywhere in the world.

Here's what makes the eBook stand out!

15 Guiding Principles: These principles offer a clear roadmap for internal auditors, ensuring they have the foundation to interpret and implement the Standards efficiently.

Feature-Rich & User-Friendly:

  • Easy Access & Storage: Enjoy convenient access and storage of the Standards via VitalSource, a leading e-reader platform.
  • Seamless Navigation: Navigate through the eBook with ease using user-friendly search and view options.
  • Customization Options: Annotate, bookmark, and even create flashcards for personalized learning and reference.
  • Editability: Manipulate text within the digital format (please note, this may not be available for all content).

Be "red" ready!

Developed with valuable input from auditors worldwide, The Red Book eBook is the definitive resource for staying informed about the latest Standards revisions. It equips you with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in your field.

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