Preparing for an External Quality Assessment: virtual sessions

Training Online 07/02/2024 7 CPE-points
Preparing for an External Quality Assessment: virtual sessions


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7 February 2024 - 09:00

8 February 2024 - 12:30




7 CPE-points


In its current version of the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), the global Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) requires Internal Audit functions to undergo an external quality assessment (EQA) every five years. But we all know that the IPPF is changing in 2025. If you are trying to get your EQA done in 2024 (before the IPPF changes), this class is for you. 

Due for an EQA in 2025? Consider getting it done early in 2024 – before the IPPF changes!

IIA studies show that Internal Audit functions can often be “caught out” by the findings, not always in obvious areas. This can adversely affect the reputation of the Internal Audit function with key stakeholders. 

In this one-day workshop (held in two half-day online sessions), learn about the key challenges and how to turn the EQA process into a positive experience, understanding warning signs around the selection an EQA provider (in terms of cost and attitude) as well as the best ways to prepare.

Target Audience

Experienced auditors, senior audit managers or heads of audit who play a role in ensuring that the Internal Audit function receives a satisfactory external quality assessment. 

What will I learn? 

Upon completion you will be able to:  

  • Understand key headlines from the IIA’s IPPF 2017 (Note: Some discussion about changes in 2025 – but this class is focused on getting your EQA done in 2024.)  
  • Understand how an EQA process works.
  • Learn how best to select your EQA provider and key pitfalls to manage.
  • Understand key problem areas that an EQA often finds.
  • Understand good practices around an ongoing quality assurance and improvement programme.
  • Consider the status of your own IA team and develop priority areas for further work.


None, but would be helpful to review the IPPF standards before attending IIA Competency.

Areas Covered

Professionalism, Performance and Leadership.


07/02: 9.00 until 12.30

08/02: 9.00 until 12.30

Kelly Hogan
Kelly Hogan

Kelly Hogan’s experience includes over 25 years providing advice on techniques for risk management, control assessment and improvement, and written and oral communication. After a short time as a bank examiner, her career as an auditor started with financial and operational audits at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. She later moved to MasterCard International where she performed application audits, then managed a team of operational and IT auditors. After moving to Belgium for MasterCard, Mrs. Hogan served as the head of audit for its European subsidiary for five years. Since October 2006, Mrs. Hogan has been providing consulting and training worldwide, primarily for internal auditors and internal audit departments across public and private sectors and in various industries. She also conducts external quality assurance reviews for internal audit departments.

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