Auditing Human Capital in a post pandemic professional environment – introduction

Training In person 18/10/2024 7 CPE-points
Auditing Human Capital in a post pandemic professional environment – introduction
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18 October 2024 - 09:00

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7 CPE-points


Human capital, talent management and retention is the second biggest risk organisations in Europe continue to face, according to the Risk in Focus 2024 survey ECIIA. Many businesses find themselves out of sync with post-pandemic culture. This is a vital area to tackle as both strategic goals and risk management require a broad and deep base of talent and skills for success. Without the right staff, achieving strategic goals and effectively managing risk is less likely. 

LEVEL: beginner

Target Audience

Auditors interested in soft auditing topics 

Course Objectives

This course provides participants with a basic understanding of Human Capital, Talent Management and its risks & challenges in a post pandemic professional environment. 

After having completed the course, the participant should be able to 

  • Evaluate how well the organisation’s policies and procedures on talent acquisition, career progression, training and promotion are designed to attract and retain staff, and whether they are clearly communicated 
  • Evaluate whether the organisation’s employee engagement surveys, exit interviews, and other feedback mechanisms effectively assess employee satisfaction levels and issues affecting morale

Course Content

Understanding Post pandemic culture and its challenges

Introduction into the basics of Strategic and Operational Talent Management and its stakeholders.  

Auditing the employee life cycle: hybrid internal audit methodologies

  • Talent Acquisition 
  • Career progression
  • Training
  • Promotion
  • Retention 

Cliffhanger : creative session on how to address your actual challenges when designing an internal audit set-up relate to this topic. 


  1. prework – hand in your challenges as an internal auditor auditing Human Capital in a post pandemic professional environment.  
  2. Familiarize upfront with the topic by listening to the podcast Human Capital - HERE


Els Van den Bossche
Els Van den Bossche

Interne Auditor bij De Lijn

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