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Are we, internal auditors, as objective as we think we are?: virtual session

Workshop Online 18/10/2024 2 CPE-points
Are we, internal auditors, as objective as we think we are?: virtual session


€100,00 (€121,00 incl. VAT)

€75,00 (€90,75 incl. VAT)
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18 October 2024 - 12:00

18 October 2024 - 14:00




2 CPE-points

TITLE: Are we, internal auditors, as objective as we think we are?



Objectivity is one of four principles internal auditors obey. But the latest research shows that to be objective is almost impossible because of our biases. In the seminar the participants will go through exercises and tools assess their own biases and learn how to improve their objectivity in their internal audit jobs.

LEVEL: beginner


• Chief Audit Executives

• Internal auditors

• Compliance officers


• Recognize typical cognitive biases in internal auditors

• Importance of identifying biases in model risks

• Learn the tools to improve the decision making


The seminar will be interactive as there will be a series of tasks that the participants will have to perform. As such they will get to know how biases work in real life and situations. Some of the biases that the participants will get to know are:

• Bias bias

• Dunning – Kruger effect

• Survivorship bias

• Authority bias

• Framing effect

• Base Rate Fallacy

• Gambler’s fallacy

• Confirmation bias

• The peak end rule

• Availability heuristic etc.





Matej Drašček
Matej Drašček

Matej Drašček, Ph.D., is chief audit executive for a regional retail bank in Slovenia. In addition to having served as a lecturer for several universities and faculties, he has published numerous professional and scientific international articles on internal audit, business ethics, and strategic management. Drašček has spoken at numerous domestic and international conferences, presenting new tools and insights in internal audit, strategic management, and ethics. He won The IIA’s William S. Smith Award for the highest score in the CIA exam as well as The IIA’s John B. Thurston Award for the best article about business ethics. He holds CIA, CRMA and CFSA and is current president of IIA Slovenia.

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