Sepia Solutions

Sepia Solutions

Based in Belgium, Sepia Solutions specializes solely in the domain of Data Analysis and Audit Management solutions. Our strength lies in nurturing strategic partnerships to provide cutting-edge software packages to our discerning clientele.

Notably, we champion two groundbreaking software suites: "Arbutus Analytics," crafted by Arbutus Software Inc (Canada), and "Ideagen Pentana Audit," from Ideagen (UK). However, our commitment goes beyond simply distributing software; we are deeply passionate about implementing these exceptional software solutions and offering comprehensive support for them.

The remarkable potential of "Arbutus Analytics" enables our clients to tap into a wide array of data sources (completely unrestricted by size limitations), combine data from different sources and perform various analyses on that data. This incredible adaptability makes it a must-have tool across a wide range of sectors and fields such as Internal Audit, Fraud investigations, and Internal Control to Financial analysis, IT operations, ETL projects, and much more.

Similarly, "Ideagen Pentana Audit" offers remarkable flexibility, supporting planning, fieldwork documentation, risk and control assessments, reporting and action tracking. Thus meeting the needs of not just Internal Audit departments but also serving External Audit, Inspection, Supervision, Internal Controls, Compliance, and Risk Management departments with the same high level of proficiency.

What truly sets Sepia Solutions apart is our in-depth grasp of business processes and our expertise in data analysis and audit methodologies. Our exceptional technical proficiency with these software packages enables us to deliver comprehensive services to our clients.

Sepia Solutions' clients truly benefit from our end-to-end approach. We guide them through software selection, oversee deployment, conduct multi-tiered training, customize solutions, build automations, and provide continuous functional and technical support, ensuring a smooth implementation project with definite ROI.

Established in 2010 as a privately held entity, Sepia Solutions primarily operates in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and occasionally extends its reach to Germany and other countries.

To learn more about our offerings and expertise, please visit our website at:


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